Our Story

The desire to open The Salad Stand restaurant came after owners Leo & Jenee Spann felt compelled to invest in their own personal health following the announcement of the Covid-19 world pandemic.

As current owners of another local restaurant in town, finding the time to invest in a nutritious diet can be limited. So, while finding a healthy option was the goal, finding something quick would also be the key to their success! 


Upon analyzing the local Waco, Texas market, they soon realized that the area was somewhat lacking in healthier food options – especially ones that were easily accessible. With an unrelentless desire to invest in their personal wellness, they decided that if they couldn’t find something that already existed, maybe they could create an option that would not only cater to their needs but to many others in the community! So, they set out to do just that!


After some consideration, the couple felt that regardless of restaurant specifics, the menu offerings needed to meet several goals…

-  The menu needed to be full of fresh & local options.  -


-  The menu items must be able to be prepared quickly. - 

-  The menu selection should be customizable in order to serve a variety of health needs.  -


Knowing that these were the main objectives of their new restaurant, they then began to analyze current offerings in the market and brainstorm the best ways to create a new fun & healthy option for the community. Within a few months, they settled on a build your own salad & smoothie concept

& The Salad Stand was born!